Virtual Adjudication Week

Showcase Submission Guidelines

Upload submission web links will be emailed to registrants on February 24, 2020

Make sure to register prior to the above date to avoid delay in receiving the link

$25 fee per submission

*submissions are $25 per art form regardless if it is an individual or group category*

In order for Virtual Showcase Submission to be reviewed and critiqued by State Teen Arts Festival adjudicators, payment or purchase order must be submitted prior to February 24th. Any submissions without payment or purchase orders will not be reviewed.
Click here for payment details

Submitting Entries for Virtual Adjudication Week

1.      Register students for Virtual Adjudication Week at:

2.      Send payment in form of Purchase Order or Check for total adjudication

3.      Save Virtual Showcase File:

                 a. SAVE AS: School Name_StudentName_Art Form_County_School.pdf


1. CamdenHighSchool_JohnDoe_Theatre_Camden.mp4

2. PassaicMiddleSchool_JennySmith_Poetry_Passaic.pdf

          3. HunterdonHighSchool_PeggySue_Painting_Hunterdon.jpg

4.     Receive showcase submission link via email: February 24, 2020

a. Upload Virtual Showcase File

5.     Upload & submit showcase entries online: February 24 - March 2, 2020

6.    Await written adjudication and showcase selection notification: April 3, 2020

Preparing Your Virtual Showcase Entry

1.      Review the Art Form Categories which will be showcased at the NJ State Teen Arts Festival

2.      Select the Art Form you would like to prepare a Virtual Showcase to submit for Virtual Adjudication

3.      Review the Adjudication Rubric & Critique Sheet for the Art Form which you will be submitting your entry. This will give you a stronger understanding of what the NJ State Festival Adjudicators will be considering when reviewing submissions.

4.      Write, Create or Rehearse your Virtual Showcase

5.      Finalize, Record and Save your Virtual Showcase as a Digital File i.e.                         Performances (.MP4/.MOV), Visual Arts (.JPG) and/or Writings (.PDF)

Virtual Showcase & Adjudication Tips

  • All submissions should be thoroughly prepared, reviewed and rehearsed prior to submitting for Virtual Adjudication Week.

  • A limited number of students will be selected in each art form category from each county to showcase at the NJ State Teen Arts Festival, SO SHOW YOUR BEST!

  • Register Students for the NJ State Teen Arts Festival and prepare transportation prior to notification of results SUBMIT REGISTRATION HERE

  • Writing Entries:

    • Proof read your submission numerous times.

    • Save as .PDF

  • Performance Entries:

    • Make Sure:

      • Clear Sound Recording (limit background noise)

      • Good Bright Lighting

      • Clear Visibility of Performers

    • Save as .MP4 or .MOV

  • Visual Arts Entries:

    • Take pictures of artwork with natural lighting for best results

    • Sculptures- submit multiple photos from several angles

    • Save as .JPG