Showcase and Adjudication


About Showcase and Adjudication?

The New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival offers students across the state the opportunity to showcase their talents across an array of different art forms spanning the literary, visual and performing arts. To learn about the specific art forms which students can showcase for adjudication CLICK HERE


The Showcases are opportunities for talented students to present their creative talents in their dedicated art forms for their peers, teachers and the professional adjudicating artists on a state-wide platform.

The Adjudications are opportunities for students to receive constructive feedback and critiques on their showcase presentations. Adjudications are performed by the State Festival's professional adjudicating artists . This unique opportunity for students to work with professional artists offers an invaluable experience to gain insights, knowledge and to develop new approaches to improve in each given art form in a supportive and constructive environment.  

Who can Showcase for Adjudication? 

Students ages 13-19 in 7th-12th grade may participate in the Showcase and Adjudication Process

Students must be selected and referred by their local County Teen Arts Festival to the NJ State Teen Arts Festival in order to showcase for adjudication at the state level. Contact your local County Teen Arts Coordinator for more information about your County's Teen Arts Festival. 

*If your county does not have its own local Teen Arts Festival please contact the NJ State Teen Arts Festival to learn about the Virtual Adjudication Submission process.* Click here to Contact Us.

Art Form Per County Selection Allowance

*Listed below is the number of students and/or groups that each county will have available to select for showcase at the NJ State Teen Arts Festival*

  • POETRY - (4) students

  • FILMMAKING - (2) students

  • 2D VISUAL ARTS - (20) students

  • 3D VISUAL ARTS - (4) students

  • GUITAR - (2) students and/or groups

  • PIANO - (2) students and/or groups

  • SMALL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - (4) students and/or groups



  • CREATIVE WRITING  - (4) students

  • DANCE - (4) students and/or groups

  • SMALL THEATRE - (3) students and/or groups

  • LARGE THEATRE -  (1) group

  • SMALL MUSICAL THEATRE -  (3) students and/or groups


  • SMALL VOCAL MUSIC - (3) students and/or groups

  • LARGE VOCAL MUSIC - (1) group