The "express yourself!" online Contests

The New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival is proud to announce the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests!

The “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests are a series of 18 weekly contests where NJ teens can win a $25 gift card by sharing their artworks, writings and performances on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival Facebook page and promoting their work to receive the most likes.

The “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests have been established to:

1.    Connect all teen artists across the state of New Jersey in the performing, literary and visual arts to create a network to develop artistic working relationships.

2.    Advance awareness of the talents of these artists to their local communities and the State of New Jersey.

3.    Facilitate a rewarding environment where teen artists will develop the valuable skills of self-promotion.

4.    Further the creative pursuits and projects of New Jersey Teen Artists.

5.    Promote awareness and build excitement leading up to the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival on May 31, June 1 & 2 2017 at Ocean County College!

When are the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests?

The “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests will run for 18 weeks beginning on January 20th and will conclude on May 26th. There are 18 individual contests spanning numerous categories inspired by the Performing, Literary and Visual Arts. Each individual contests will run the duration of 7 days. 

Where will contest announcements be made?

Announcements for the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests will be made on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. An exclusive surprise announcement for contests will be made on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival Snapchat story prior to the general public announcement on other social media channels, early bird gets the worm!. Make sure to follow us on our channels @NJTEENARTS.

How do I win the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests?

The way to win the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” contests is to promote your contest entry post on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Facebook page: The winner of each contest will be the contestant whose post has with the most likes on Facebook at the conclusion of each contest.


The following are the requirements and rules that contestants must follow for their contest entry post to be accepted and considered for submission to the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival’ “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests:

Contestants must be:

o   13 - 19 years of age

o   A current New Jersey Resident

   Contestant must accept and acknowledge:

o   By participating in "The EXPRESS YOURSELF" Contests you are giving permission to the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival’ brand to utilize and share your artwork, name, school/county information and social media profiles for promotional, media/press, educational and any other purpose.

o   That New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival is not responsible for any use of your artworks, writings or performances by outside sources unassociated with the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival program.

o   You may enter all 18 “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests but can only win (1) contest and forfeit your ability to win the remaining “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests.

o   That New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival is not responsible for the number of likes your post receives and will not favor sharing one students work over the others.

o   It is the contestant’s responsibility to promote and share their contest entry post to gain the most likes to win the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests.

o   Your success in the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests has no effect on your local County Teen Arts Festival nomination to present your artwork, writing or performance at the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival on May 31, June 1 & 2 2017.

Contest Entry Requirements:

o   Inappropriate images, content and language are prohibited.

o   All artworks and writings must be a contestant’s original work. Claiming another’s work as your own and Plagiarism is prohibited.

o   Digital altering or manipulation of an entry in the 2D drawing/painting, 3D Visual and Photography contest categories is strictly prohibited. If any discover of such a manipulation is made your entry will be disqualified. There is a Graphic Design/Digital Creation contest category that students can enter such artwork.

o   Each contest entry post must meet the guidelines set for the specific contest category.


1.    Follow Us @NJTEENARTS on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to be alerted of the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contest announcements.

2.    Once a contest announcement is made log on to Facebook to submit your contest entry post on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival’ Facebook page:

3.    Upload your contest entry post in the appropriate file format

a.    Photos of Artwork should be in JPG or PNG file format

b.    Videos of Performance should be in MP4 or MOV file format

c.    Writings Should be saved in a JPG or PNG file format

4.    Include a caption with the following information:

a.    Contestant’s First Name (required) and Last Name (optional)

b.    Contestant’s Age (required) must be 13-19

c.    Contestant’s School Name (required) or “homeschooled” if a homeschooler

d.    Contestant’s Resident County in which they attend school (required)

e.    The following hashtags: #njteenarts #expressyourselfcontests

f.     The appropriate resident county hashtag#atlanticcountynj #bergencountynj #burlingtoncountynj #camdencountynj #capemaycountynj #cumberlandcountynj #essexcountynj #gloucestercountynj #hudsoncountynj #hunterdoncountynj #sussexcountynj #passaiccountynj #somersetcountynj #mercercountynj #middlesexcountynj#monmouthcountynj #morriscountynj #oceancountynj #salemcountynj #unioncountynj #warrencountynj

g.    The specific contest hashtag for which you are submitting:  : #theatre  #musicaltheatre #vocalmusic  #instrumentalmusic  #specialtyart  #freeverse  #sonnet  #fiction #nonfiction #comedyscript #dramascript  #2Ddrawing  #2Dpainting #3Dvisual #digitalart

5.    Click “POST” once you’ve uploaded your photo or video and added the required and appropriate hashtags.

6.    Allow 24 – 48 hours for your contest entry post to appear on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival Facebook page:

7.    Once your contest entry post appears on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival’ Facebook page start sharing with friends!

8.    Promote your post every day to gain likes! Most Likes Wins!

9.    On the 7th day the contest will end and the posts will be reviewed to calculate which has the most likes.

10. If you are the contest winner you will be contacted via Facebook messenger to confirm your acceptance of the award, organize delivery of your $25 gift card and social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will be made to announce you won the contest!


Contests are open only to (1) individual contestant. Contestants may enter all 18 contests.


Listed below are Frequently Asked Questions for the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests. Please review the contest guidelines to assure you’re a meeting the proper requirements for your contests entry post on the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival Facebook page. If you have a specific question not listed below please send us a message via the messenger section.


Q. How do I win a contest?

A. Get the most likes for your contest entry post on Facebook! Make sure to share your post with friends to increase your likes!

Q. How are contest winners awarded?

A. Winners will be awarded a $25 dollar gift card to a major retailer. Winners will be contacted via Facebook messenger upon conclusion of the contest.


Q. Can I enter multiple contests?

A. You can enter as many of the contests as you would like! However, you are only able to win one contest. This is enforced to create fairness and allow other teen artists, writers and performers’ equal exposure and the opportunity to win contests as well.

Q. Are there any eligibility requirements to enter the “EXPRESS YOURSELF” online contests?

A. Yes, but the only requirements are that all contestants must be a current New Jersey resident and be 13-19 years of age.

Q. When will contest winners be announced?
A. Winners for each contest will be announced after the deadline has passed and all contest entry posts’ likes have been audited. Once all posts’ likes have been audited the winner will be contacted via the Facebook account associated with the entry post. Once the winner responds and accepts the terms of the award they will be announced on all of our social media channels.

Q. Where do I enter my writing, performance or artwork for the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” online contests?

A. The New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival Facebook page:

Q, What if I do not have a Facebook account/profile?
A. If you do not have a Facebook account/profile we suggest you sign up for one! If that is not possible we suggest you have a friend, parent or family member with a Facebook account/profile post your contest entry to Facebook on your behalf. 
Q. Do I need to include a caption with my contest entry post?
A. Yes! Please refer to the “EXPRESS YOURSELF!” submission guidelines for the detailed explanation of what to include in your caption.

Q. Why do you need to know my name, age, the school I go to and the county I live in?

A. It is the mission of the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival to raise awareness of the Teen Artists in New Jersey and to connect all 21 counties in the state. By listing your Name, School and County we can make sure your local officials are aware of the positive affect the arts are having on your artistic development! Listing your age tells us you are 13-19 years old which is entry requirement.

Q. What are the required contest hashtags to include in my contest entry post?

A. Refer to the contest submission guidelines.

Q. I am entering a writing category with a 1 page limit, how do I know that it’s 1 page if it’s posted on Facebook?

A. Please save your 1 page document as a JPG File, and post to it as a photo.

Q. What does digital altering mean and why can’t I use it in my drawing, painting, and sculpture or photography contest entry?

A. Digital altering is defined as applying any type of manipulation to your artwork that you would not have been able to create without the use of the computer, i.e. Photoshop or any other programs that can alter a drawing, painting, 3D sculpture or photograph after the artist has already completed the work by hand or in camera. It is prohibited because digital altering takes away from the challenge and diminishes the efforts associated with the traditional techniques of the above listed art forms.

Q. Will I be notified when my entry has been posted to the NJ Teen Arts Facebook Page?

A. Due to the number of entries it will not be possible to notify each student of their entry being posted. Please check back frequently to see if you entry has been posted so you can

Still have questions? Please send us a message on Facebook and we will get you an answer!